Since i was younger i was always into music.
It started with playing and listening records,
later on my passion for music turned into making it.

Round the age of 6 i got a wireless microphone (FM) from my parents.
This microphone sended signal to any simple fm radio, pretty soon i used it to broadcast music.
I used the microphone to broadcast live music from my bedroom. so my parents could listen to it. The radiosignal was very weak so i couldn’t send beyond my own house….

Around the age of twelf, i got my first computer (commodore 64).
At first i used the commodore for games, but soon it got boring.
My friend was way beyond that with computers (he had the philips msx), and he teached me how to write some simple scripts. Back in the days you had to save everything on a cassette-tape.
Along the way i learned how to use my screen as a simple light-effect.

At the age of 16th i got involved with the music instrument keyboard.
I purchased my first keyboard, and started playing.
After a while i gave up, because i couldn’t read music. (still don’t).

I swapped the keyboard at the local music-store, and went for the turntables. (JB-Systems).
The dj’ing was started.
On my birthday i rented the better stuff and from the money i did get i bought records (while my birthday party was still going on).

When i reached the age for clubbing, i lost the interest a litlle. But everytime when we go clubbing at a new unknown club, you could find me in the dj-corner. Looking how the dj’s worked and listening to there dj-skills.

Until i got a new computer, then everything started allover again. I was triggered again in making music and dj’ing.

Unfortunately the dj’ing didnt go to well, because i got deaf at one side.
Soon i found software to keep me busy with music..
Also the dj’ing got better when the software could do the beatmatching for me.

After several years it became clear why i got deaf on one side, the doctors found a braintumor.
They removed most of the tumors after 2 surgeries at the hospital in Rotterdam, the hearing didn’t come back. Until today my passion is music, unfortunately not in stereo… But i’m lucky i’m still alive, and still enjoy life everyday. Thats way important then stereo 🙂

Do you have any questions or suggestions ? Please don’t hasitate and send me a message with the contact-form .

With kindly regards,