Unfortunatly i can tell you all that also my dad has passed away at 67 years. In the past he allready had a severe stroke and he couldn’t talk anymore. On the 17th of June 2020 he had another heavy stroke, and sadly he didnt survived. On 24th June 2020 my father passed away…

It’s almost the end of the year, that means allover the internet you can find Yearmixes.
Only one yearmix that is the best in my opinion is the yearmix from Philizz.
Check the yearmix (Audio/Video) on his website…

Recently my mother has died, march 20th she has passed.
Because we are in a mourning period, i still hadn’t got the opportunity to update this page.
Also making music is not my priority right now. In addition they are also renovating our house.
Busy busy bust… so..

I wish you all a great time on my website, and i’ll try to post news and music on a regularly base. Feel free to write something in my guestbook and even like or share on Facebook.

With kindly regards,