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Today i say goodbye to my 40th year, i got 41 today.

I’m starting to feal really old, i also noticed the backfall of creativity..
A good night of party is something that doesn’t go like it used to.
The next day feeling totaly broken and need to rest for 24 hours…

Stereo or not ?

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Unfortunately i’m deaf on one side since the age of 16/17th.
From then on i couldn’t here stereo anymore. Doesn’t come handy for a musician you think.
But in the music history there where more musicians that had hearing-damage or even where completely deaf.

Neil Youg: Had tinitus (a constant ringing tone)
Beethoven: He was even complete deaf..

Now i don’t want to compare myself to that great musicians, but you see there are possibility’s to write/make music when having hearing problems.

Because sometimes i couldn’t here what people said and i needed to ask if they could repeat, i contacted an audiologist who did some tests. In the meantime i use a cros-hearing device. On the deaf side a hearing device catches the sound on that side and send it to the hearing device on the good ear.

This is mainly for using with conversations in crowded places.
It looks like this is a fine solution and even sometimes i can decide which side the sounds come from.
Stereo or not ? No it isn’t stereo, but it’s definitly a very big improvement…